Dream passion - son of village farmer who can give India his own web browser

Dream passion - son of village farmer who can give India his own web browser

Dream passion - son of village farmer who can give India his own web browser

2019-09-02 10:39:28

We are aware of the progress made in the field of information and technology in recent times. Most of the world is connected through electronic medium and the information technology revolution has opened up new doors of knowledge. The field of information technology is developing rapidly in our country too, the development of information technology is fully visible in our economic, political, social, cultural, educational, business and many other areas. In this new era, digital mediums like e-commerce, e-medicine, e-education, e-governance, e-banking, e-shopping, etc. are developing very fast. And in the field of information technology, our country has also achieved considerable success in making its special identity on the world map.

Ashish Yadav ji told us during the conversation that today he has reached this stage due to his hard work and dedication. He further explained that if we succeed in this plan, then we will be successful in providing a very beautiful and active browser medium to the country. And I will be able to fulfill my commitment to the country by bringing national security to the best level.

On the one hand, we feel proud to call ourselves the most ancient and developed. But they are copying others for their living and facilities. People are very happy to see new inventions in today's scientific era. But in today's era of computer, technology and security technology, we are becoming only slaves of American, Chinese and European company. Constant data theft is the most vivid example of this.
To overcome the persistent spectrum scam and the manipulation of the common man's privacy and to make India self-reliant in the data sector,
Ashish Yadav, Chairman of Go-Browser Company, made India's first wholly due to his foresight and hard work. Creating self-sufficient browsers. It is the result of his sincere efforts towards his work that even today, in the era of fast data theft, he is succeeding in building a completely self-sufficient and home-grown browser and has completed all his preparations to dedicate it to the nation. Have taken
Originally a resident of a small town called Pukhraya in Kanpur Dehat district of Uttar Pradesh and a graduate in computer engineer, Ashish Yadav (27) wanted to brighten his name in the field of IT from the beginning. But as he got older, he continued to work more vigorously in the task of daily innovations and security of the country, although the IT sector started from big cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad but with its limited While living in resources, he completed his revolutionary discovery in Lucknow.

Life dedicated to country service
If a person wants to do something for the society, he has to go through something, then believe it will be less than 24 hours, then it is very difficult to estimate his passion and if someone has made the goal of his life to serve others. If so, what can he say?
Today he has achieved this position with the help of a rich and talented team of versatility. Along with his deep faith in God, he also has a keen interest in social work, that is why he is always engaged for social service and helping the poor and in the same spirit of service, he determined to dedicate this revolutionary quest to the country. Has decided, and has resolved to make it even stronger and stronger in the near future so that India can become self-reliant in the field of data dependency and the rest. But the nation failed hijacking neither the privacy of our country nor steal |

My future goal is to make India completely self-reliant in the field of data security.

(Ashish Yadav)